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Coronavirus 2020

Hello Everyone,

With what is happening in the world right now Matt and I have decided to come back and see if anyone is still listening.  We explain a little bit about where we have been and what we've been up to.  We also dive into COVID-19 and thoughts and experiences so far.  Episode 37 has been recorded and will be uploaded soon.  Let us know whats going on in your area and your experiences and ask us anything that's on your mind at our email [email protected]

Stay Alive America!


Letter to our members

Dear Members,

     Thank you for the support over the years here at Survival Tech.  We would like to apologize for the abrupt stop on podcasts and webpage interaction.  Producing this podcast was a true joy for us, unfortunately life had some unexpected turns.  Time has passed and with that we have found the wonderful world of "Overlanding".  Overlanding in it's simplest form is vehicle dependent travel. We along with two other friends founded Rustic Trail Overland.

     Rustic Trail Overland is an adventure travel series where we explore the forgotten histories and mysteries of America.  Traveling off the beaten path, as much as we can, in our equipped vehicles.  4 families, 4 vehicles, and 4 unique stories brings us together.  Family is important to us as we always try to bring them along on each adventure.  Each of our episodes tell a story about the area, places, and people that we may encounter. 

     Season 1 is wrapping up on YouTube and we are in the planning process for Season 2.  We are happy to announce for the first time publicly that we will be starting a NEW podcast talking about overlanding, our vehicles, gear, camping, locations, trails, ect.  We would love for you all to join us on our adventure. 

Subscribe to us on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC63LN4dGsXWGhvZCTnnDPDQ

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And check out our webpage at http://www.rustictrailoverland.com/


Matt and Korey 

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